Technical Analysis from A to Z


by Steven B. Achelis

Covers every trading tool . . . 
from the Absolute Breadth Index to the Zig Zag!

"Steve Achelis explains the many complex technical indicators in simple language. 
This book can be used as a dictionary for technical analysis."
William O'Neil, Founder and Chairman, Investor's Business Daily

The Book

    Investing without looking at a chart is like forecasting the weather without looking outdoors-impossible!

    Technical Analysis from A to Z begins with a concise yet thorough introduction to technical analysis. It then explains the intricacies of more than 140 technical indicators. The explanations provide an overview, an example, and details on calculating the indicators.

   It isn't surprising that more that 150,000 copies of "A-to-Z" have been sold--this is the one book that will really help you make better trades.

    The Second Edition adds:

  • All new illustrations (more than 200 charts) 
  • 40 new indicators (more than 140 in all)
  • Detailed explanations to calculate the indicators

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What Others Are Saying

Read Reviews.

"Steve Achelis has done it again The first edition was a wonderfully comprehensive encyclopedia of market indicators. The second edition is even better."  
--Martin Pring
President, International Institute of Economic Research
Author, Technical Analysis Explained and Introduction to Technical Analysis

"There is an urgent need for a concise reference on such a vast array of technical tools. Achelis' new edition fulfills that need and should provide an invaluable guide to newcomers and veterans alike."
--John J. Murphy
Author, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets and Intermarket Technical Analysis

 "Often technical analysis, because of its depth and complexity, can seem like magic. Steve Achelis' Technical Analysis from A to Z helps the reader transition from the realm of magic to the land of understanding. This revision of his classic reference on technical techniques and indicators is a must for any technical analysis library."
--John Bollinger, CFA, MFT
Bollinger Capital Management

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    The A..Z Companion Spreadsheet contains detailed computer spreadsheets for 103 of the indicators in Technical Analysis from A to Z. This is a must for advanced indicator math. (Of course, the book contains detailed explanations, too.)

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